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Safety For Road Commission for Oakland County Workers



Why is the Oakland County Road Commission forcing its employees to work in conditions that are unsafe for them or the public?

  • County Truck Drivers are expected to work for 16-hour shifts, with only 5.5 hours in between to rest! That could mean 32 hours behind the wheel with only 5.5 hours off!
  • Workers are expected to work alongside moving traffic with little or no safety barriers! That means there is no protection between them and the cars passing at unsafe speeds!
  • Employees are on-call 24/7 and can be disciplined for not working even if they are sick or using state-approved paid time off!

Email the Oakland County Road Commission and tell them WE DEMAND SAFETY FOR OUR RESIDENTS AND OUR WORKERS!

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Tell the Oakland County Road Commission that SAFETY IS IMPORTANT FOR WORKERS AND THE PUBLIC!

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The current demands of Oakland County Road Commission employees are unsafe and unreasonable. These employees work hard for the residents of Oakland County, and they should be protected from unsafe shift lengths, protected with concrete barriers, and allowed to take sick or approved vacation time without being punished for it. I support Oakland County Road workers.